Terms and Conditions

We do not accept responsibility for injuries that may happen in the studio or gym from exercise. All clients must sign a par q or an informed consent form prior to starting any gym session, personal training session or group exercise class. By doing so you agree that you are aware that exercise holds risk, and you agree that you know how to use gym equipment and are comfortable in the gym or class setting. Inductions are optional, but again we will be exempt from being liable due to a waiver being signed prior.

All clients on site are to upkeep gym etiquette. Equipment is to be used safely, and all equipment is to be put back when used to keep the gym and studio tidy and safe for other users when walking around. Where possible wipe down equipment after use, sanitary stations will be provided.

Total Fitness Mix Ltd are not liable for any belongings that are brought into the building. All belongings that clients bring in are done so at their own risk, this includes damage to goods and theft. Belongings can be left at the back of the aerobic studio for classes. However in the gym, we would prefer if clients were to use the lockers provided for health and safety reasons. Please ask a member of staff on shift if you are unsure. There are going to be lockers provided, so its up to the client to whether they want to bear the risk of bringing personal belongings into the building, we will not be held responsible.

Purchase Policy

When purchasing direct debits, they are rolling contracts, clients are required to sign up to a direct debit for monthly contracts, you must give us 4 weeks notice to cancel your contact. However for the 6 and 12 month contracts, you pay in full for the allotted time, so you will have access to the membership you have paid for whether or not you choose to use it, these are non refundable. You can simply choose to not continue when your pass runs out if you no longer wish to stay with us. 

Privacy Policy

Total Fitness Mix collects and processes information about members. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires Total Fitness Mix to obtain your agreement before this can be done. In signing this form you are giving consent for your personal and sensitive information to be processed under the rules and safeguards laid down by the 1998 Act. Total Fitness Mix has procedures in place to ensure that all information held about you will be dealt with confidentially, held securely and only processed in accordance with Total Fitness Mix’s notification to the Information Commissioner, who administers the Act. 

Memberships Terms and Conditions

The person on the card is the only customer that can access the club’s services using that card, anyone trying to use anyone else’s card will receive a warning, and so will the cardholders themselves. The staff working at Total Fitness Mix with holds the right to check membership cards at any time.

If you are not a member of our club, you are only to access the building on the terms that you have paid for a service. If you pay for one class, you may attend one class. The same applies for a single gym entry; you are only to use the gym once. You must pay before you use these services.

If you are on a member, you may attend the gym at any time we are open, and you may also; use our lockers, shower facilities, changing rooms and protein bar [please note contents from the protein bar come at an extra price] If you are caught in a class that you have not paid for separately. You will be charged the class price on the spot. The staff working at Total Fitness Mix with holds the right to check membership cards at any time.

If you purchase a weekend gym pass, it includes gym access from 9am – 2pm Saturdays and Sundays. If you purchase a weekend gym pass online but then do not use it, you only have 1 month from the purchase date online to use. The pass will start when you first attend the gym on that weekend.

[please note contents from the protein bar come at an extra price] at any time, enjoy!

Two person memberships

If you are on a two-person gym only membership, the same terms and conditions apply to what a single would be. This goes for all memberships. We don’t have any restrictions on who can join the club together, but it is up to the clients to arrange money amongst them. If clients wish to pay for a dual membership via bank transfer then this must come from one account. It is on both clients to pay the full amount of money owed for the choice of membership. If the membership is not paid in full it will be void.


Please click here to downloads our complaints procedure: Total Fitness Mix Complaints


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