Sports Massage Room

Welcome to a Total Fitness Mix’s massage room! Services Available with Sam & Molly! 

Soft Tissue Therapy & Fire Cupping! 

Here’s what to expect from their services: ⁣
- All forms are all filled out electronically, which gives us more time to treat due to time saving.⁣
- We will pre-read your notes and make a plan of the assessments were going to do (whether they be dynamic, mobility of flexibility based) ⁣
- We then go ahead with treatment, depending on how the treatment goes you'll be given a guide of how many sessions you may need to reach the goal of maintenance. ⁣
- You will be reassessed at the end to show the effectiveness of the treatment.⁣
- Where necessary you’ll be sent away with corrective exercises / stretches to do between seeing us again to speed up progression.⁣
Please Note! Sam cannot directly treat areas of diagnosed injury, however she can work around other areas and still assist as she has extensive knowledge of corrective exercises as she has practiced it now as a trainer for over 4 years! ⁣Molly is a Level 5 Therapist and can work on direct injury's! 
Prices (vary on practitioner) 
They Start at £25!
This is more than just a massage, it’s a service that goes above and beyond to educate you about your body, and helps keep you away from injury! 

You can contact them for more information on / 


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