Benefits of Personal Training!

Posted by: Samantha Reid 6 years, 1 month ago


When you hear the word personal training, we all think of a large angry man shouting and punishing someone and shouting, "GO, COME ON, PUSH!" But not anymore.. why?

In reality, this is most deifntely not the case and here's why. In the last decade, fitness has become alot more accessible and popular in the modern society and personal trainers are actually very quite common. It would usually only be celebrities or athletes who would hire personal trainers, but now personal trainers train everyone from the athlete to the average gym/class goer! Not only that, clients will now hire personal trainers to introduce them into exercise! So thank god that this stigmatism against personal training is gone!

But, clients ask themselves.. we already have gym and class membership!! Why would we pay a personal trainer on top of that? We can go whenever we want!

Ah, but do you?

Heres 10 benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer:


It’s true, you can go whenever we want, we have a card somewhere, we pay the membership! But a personal trainer is the motivation most of us need. They love motivating us, they thrive on it and they love nothing more than helping us achieve our goals. Even if you don’t see your personal trainer every time you go to the gym, they still motivate you as they are waiting to hear your progress at the next session. Your personal trainer is the one person, guaranteed, that’s behind you every step waiting for you to succeed and reach your goals, now that’s motivation.

Personalised training

Whether you are an athlete, a tennis player or new mum looking to get your figure back, your personal trainer will tailor your workouts to your goals. They will take into account things like physical condition, time and abilities and together you will develop a realistic plan to reach your goals. Because the plan involves realistic goals you cannot shirk responsibility, it was not too hard, too fast, and it’s made specifically for you. This leaves you completely accountable and ultimately, when you achieve your goals the feeling of achievement is totally yours.



All personal trainers have worked hard to have the title, this means they really are the best person for the job. They have to have in depth knowledge of the body to qualify, we can all go and lift weights at the gym, but we don’t all know how to avoid injury whilst doing it. Your personal trainer will demonstrate the correct posture and correct you for ease of use and to avoid injury. If you need extra support while on equipment, or something is not right they will quickly spot this and rectify it before damage occurs.

Maximise workout time

When you have a personal trainer the time you spend in the gym is maximised. As you already have a plan and set out goals together your trainer knows the optimal approach to achieve these. If you are on your own there is a risk you may be doing the completely wrong workout to achieve the desired results. This could lead to avoidance of the gym and exercise as you feel it is not effective for you. You may have to cut your workout time due to other commitments, if this is the case your trainer will change your session to burn as many calories, in half the time.

Holistic approach

A personal trainer takes into account many factors while planning your workouts. Sleep and nutrition are equally as important as the exercise when it comes to achieving your goals. Having a qualified trainer means you get all the up to date information you need regarding diet and nutrition and the effects this can have on training. They are always willing to share their advice and because they have a vested interest in you, will be a lot more reliable than the latest magazine with a new fad diet.

Results driven training

So, you’ve reached your goals? Your personal trainer will help you develop the next step. It could be that half marathon you’ve always wanted to do for your favourite charity or simply to maintain the fitness levels you have achieved. Every step, they are there to support you in becoming what you would like to be, based on where you are now.

Specialist areas

If you are in a special time of life, this could be a senior, a child or recovering from an injury there are plenty of personal trainers that have specialist areas. These trainers have taken extra courses and gained extra qualifications to enable them to meet specialist needs. This means that there are very few, if any, people that personal trainers cannot help to achieve their goals.

Flexibility and convenience

When time is precious it’s often hard to find the time to prioritise your fitness. At these times a personal trainer is very useful. You may not have the time to come in to the gym every day but your personal trainer will devise a regime where you can do something that supports your goals. This means when you do come in your exercise is optimised and you are still supporting your ambitions.

Personal relationship

Last of all is the relationship you have with your personal trainer. Even spending as little as 3 hours per week with your trainer you will build up a strong relationship. They can tell when you need to let off steam, when you need encouragement and when you are pushing yourself too hard. They may wait until you have finished with the punch bag before asking if you are ok, but they really are with you every step.


Here at Total Fitness, we have 2 personal trainers that are on site and available for round the clock advice and support. Initial consultations are FREE!

We have PAYG sessions available from £30.00 or you can book a block and make a massive saving!

Interested? See our Personal Training page!

Or simply call the club! 01304 365076

Put your Total trust in us!

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