Part Automation - Coming December 2023 (Check Here for regular updates)

30th November 

Final touches happening, we are set to implement the part automation from the 2nd of December! 

Another reminder of times 

WEEKDAYS - 5am - 10pm Opening Time

STAFFED HOURS - 8.30am - 7.30pm 

WEEKENDS - 7am - 7pm Opening Time

STAFFED HOURS - 9am - 1pm

please note in the event of staff sickness or unforeseen circumstances we may operate longer unstaffed hours on certain days last minute. If this ever happens we will update our community app and social media and there will also be signage in the window alerting those who enter we are unmanned! 

Week Commencing 20/11/2023

There will be some disruption in the gym this week (Wednesday and Thursday) as we are having the following done:

- Panic button installed

- Extra CCTV added

- Alarm Upgrade

- Music Speaker Installations

These are the last things before the full part automation kicks in from the 2nd of December! Exciting times!

16/11/2023 - Door officially operational!

Our opening hours ARE NOT being enforced until the 2nd of December.

Our door is now operational, please follow the instructions on the door and if you aren't a member, ring the doorbell and we will assist you!

To exit, we have a green 'press to exit' button to the right of the door on the wall. 

Thank you for bearing with us! 

The only payment method we have available right now via our webshop / app is paypal! 

22/10/2023 - Latest Update

Our opening hours ARE NOT being enforced until the 2nd of December.

We are in the process is installing the door, it isn’t in operation yet as we are incurring some small teething problems, we aim to have it done by the 18th of November. 

It doesn’t matter until the new hours are in for force, so don't worry and we will still be fully staffed whilst everyone get's used to the door.

If you have issues accessing the building, ring the doorbell and we will let you in and assist you!

PLEASE NOTE! - As a small business, we need to keep the amount of active members on our system under control. If you do not attend our gym for more than a 4-6 month period, your account wont be deleted, but it will be deactivated. You can still come back to train whenever, but your account will need to re-activated! Thanks in advance. 

From the 2nd of December

Our new operating hours will be:

Monday to Friday: 5am - 10pm 

With staffed hours being 8.30am - 7.30pm

Weekends 7am - 7pm 

With staffed hours being 9am - 1pm. 


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